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Hidden Treasure in Virginia - Eight Places to Search

Virginia is a wonderful location to hunt hidden treasure. Not only is there a wide array of currency to be found, but civil war relics abound. Knowing where to hunt is the key. Frank Pandozzi selects eight locations you can both research and detect to maximize your chances of finding hidden treasure...


You cannot locate hidden treasure in Virginia, if you have no idea where to begin your search. You need to research your treasure lead beyond just a story or a comment. You need to be like a detective solving a crime. If you follow my advice, and practice what I have been doing for thirty-five years, then you to can locate lost treasure.

Locating any treasure is the same as working like a detective. You need to read, talk to people, and ask questions. The best places to search for information regarding hidden treasure are historical societies, old newspapers, the archives in Washington, and to some degree the Internet. Read everything you can regarding the treasure you want to search for. The more information you have at your fingertips, the better chance you will have of locating one.

Talk to people who may know something about that treasure. Ask them questions and take notes. Then follow up on any lead. Be like a detective tracking down information.

You need to remember that stories about hidden treasures change over the years. Every time the story is told, it changes a little. People telling the story have a tendency to over exaggerate or to forget certain information, that is why it is so important to do as much research as you can. A good treasure hunter spends mote time doing the research than actually searching for the treasure.

It's a good idea to have a metal detector when searching for hidden treasure. Of course if you are searching inside homes or buildings you do not need a detector. You don't need anything expensive. You can purchase a reliable detector for between $300 and $400. Just read the owners manual, practice using the detector, and you will become proficient enough to search for any lost treasure.

Here are eight places that have been rumored to hold hidden treasure in Virginia.

Boswell's Tavern - located on the South Anna River in Boswell. In the 1750's the Boswell Tavern was constructed. During the Civil War a few battles were fought here, and during the Revolutionary War, a supposed treasure was buried on the property.

Carter's Grove Plantation - located on route 60, approximately six miles southeast of Williamsburg. There have been rumors that during the Civil War several treasures were buried on the property.

Portsmouth - during the Revolutionary War several ships containing cargo and treasures wrecked, and their storehouse of goods were tossed into the area behind Portsmouth.

The Abraham Smith Treasure - somewhere in the Poor Valley, Abraham Smith, a wealthy plantation owner, during the Civil War, buried approximately $60,000 in gold coins. Apparently he buried the treasure in an abandoned, old saltpeter mine, between Allison's Gap and Saltville.

Mount Rogers - during the Civil War, a Confederate major buried $350,000 that was stolen by his men.

Roanoke - located on route 81. A 1948 historical report stated that during the Civil War, Roanoke residents buried or hid more than one million dollars in both large and small caches. In the 1970's a treasure hunter located a cache of silver coins and plates worth $20,000 in a local park.

The McIntosh Farm Treasure - located about a mile south of Forest, on county route 811. A Civil War, Confederate General, with the help of slaves, hid more than $4 million in gold coins and bullion on the McIntosh Farm. There are two rumors about this treasure. One states that the treasure was thrown into the well, the other states that the cache was buried near the barn. The slaves were shot and killed to keep the treasure a mystery.

The Beale Treasure - one of the most famous treasure stories is the Beale Treasure. The story states that iron chests, containing almost three thousand pounds of gold, five thousand pounds of silver, and $13,000 in gems and jewelry, was hidden in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Montvale.
It is important that you always ask for permission when entering private property. If you are going on to State or Federal Land, in search for lost treasure, be sure to check with your State laws about any digging.
Good luck in your search for hidden treasure.

© Frank W. Pandozzi
Frank W. Pandozzi is an author, and the host and Producer of Exploring History's Treasures TV series. He is also a popular treasure hunter. He began his treasure hunting days thirty-five years ago. To learn more about Frank, you can visit him at his website
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