Saturday, May 14, 2011

Metal Detecting at the Beach

Summer is almost here. Now would be a great time to go to the beach to do a little metal detecting. I almost went to Charleston this weekend, actually had my bag packed, but the weather wouldn't cooperate. John Wright has structured a good article on hunting at the beach and I'm going to reprint it here...

Metal Detecting at Your Local Beach....

Metal detecting on the beach is a very popular hobby among people who live near the coast. The beach is also a great place for new comers to the trade to start with metal detecting. It's very common to see someone metal detecting on the beach while you are having fun in the sun, as many people have the misfortune of losing valuable while at the beach. This is where the treasure hunters find their treasures.

With metal detecting growing so much in popularity, metal detecting on the beach is becoming more competitive. However there are still ways to come home with more than just trash.

Always think of where are spots that others might have missed. Places where people gather but treasure hunters miss. For instance, life guards only gather where people are allowed to swim at the beach, but on the other side might be people who just want to tan in the sun, foot paths that leads to the beach.

Another part of the beach you might want to visit is where fishermen, joggers, surfers and dog walkers, etc go about. Even smaller beaches are good places to look.

Most people who metal detect work Monday to Friday, so the best time to go metal detect, on the beach is on Friday or Sunday nights. Friday nights to find the treasures left by everyone who visited the beach during the week or Sunday nights to find what has been left behind after a busy weekend at the beach. But you have to know that if you are metal detecting in a place like the beach, you are going to find a lot of worthless trash, but don't waste your time deciding what you think might be trash, dig up everything and sort it out at home.

However, remember that it won't be your metal detector that gets the credit here, it's all up to you on how much treasure you find on the beach, depending on how quick and thorough you are with your searches. Simply put, the more you dig up the better the odds of finding valuable treasures. But don't try and dig up the whole beach in one night. Work at a pace that you are happy with and make sure you don't miss something in an area.

The beach is one of the best places to find lost jewellery and change. Also remember to always go through all the junk you take home with you before you throw it away, you never know if there is something amazing in there that you didn't see the first time around.

Remember to fill up all the holes that you dig when you're done with them. You don't want someone to hurt themselves in a hole you dug. A big part of metal detecting is being courteous towards others during your adventures. Also remember, the closer you keep your metal detector to the ground the higher the chances of finding lost treasures.

John Wright is a metal detecting expert. For more great tips on metal detecting on beaches visit

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